Dasein in the Online Age

What is the nature of being? In a post-modern world with an ever increasing plurality of selves and subjects, where old certainties of what it means to be are increasingly fragile or outdated, ontology seems a somewhat old-fashioned intellectual tradition. The effects and consequences of Being are all around us, and thus the nature of […]

Reflection, Refraction and Response

“We have to stay brave, energetic, and stubborn—we can’t walk away from the fight. Sparring is how you build endurance, how you learn to be quick on your feet and develop a sense of humour” Nadya Tolokonnikova in a letter to Slavoj Zizek It is a truth of structuralism, widely accepted and intuitively attractive, that […]

Thinking and Theory: REGISTRATION

Since starting this project of talking and learning about literary theory and criticism on Twitter last year there’s been something I’ve wanted to do – collaborate and engage with interested people on a deeper level. Whilst Twitter is a great medium it’s one that has a limit to the interaction that can happen – there […]