Towards A Gothic Marxism I – On Monsters

We live in an age of monsters. Such a statement is hardly controversial anymore – from every aspect of culture monsters peer at us, we consume them, we profess our fear, yet the market is saturated with vampires, ghouls, demons, and ghosts. We loathe the monsters, we hide from them. but we love them too. … Continue reading Towards A Gothic Marxism I – On Monsters

Notes Towards A Distinction

For Zoé Samudzi.  It is almost a truism to say that postmodernism is indefinable. Whilst not necessarily true it certainly has a large degree of terminological plasticity, and frequently finds itself conflated with other terms (in this case post-structuralism) Whilst this is understandable, it is perhaps a mistake, so what I want to do is … Continue reading Notes Towards A Distinction

Donald Trump: The Id of Republican Politics II

In his Politics, Aristotle claimed that man was a political animal. By this he meant that the human was predisposed to life within a certain polis, a group, through which all the constituent members could flourish. Noting that other creatures had the same traits, Aristotle added a caveat. What distinguished the polis of man from … Continue reading Donald Trump: The Id of Republican Politics II

TheLitCritLibrary Part Two: Semiotics and Structuralism

Semiotics: Semiotics and structuralism, whilst two separate and distinct fields have a close relationship. These books are designed to help the reader engage with “the science of signs” as both a specific moment in the development of critical discourse and an invaluable tool for close textual analysis. Roland Barthes, Mythologies (London, Vintage Classics, 2009) Kofi … Continue reading TheLitCritLibrary Part Two: Semiotics and Structuralism

TheLitCritLibrary Part One: General Introduction

Introductions to Theory: The following is designed for people who are interested in literary theory and criticism but have never previously encountered the field. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview to the current field, a way to approach canonical or vital texts and allow the reader to follow their own interests deeper into more … Continue reading TheLitCritLibrary Part One: General Introduction

REVIEW: Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power

Max Haiven: Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power Zed Books, London & New York 2014, 320pp, £14.95 pb To talk of values in modern political discourse seems to entail being confronted with the uncomfortable and seemingly unstoppable infiltration of capitalist economic language into the fields of morality and the ethical. Economic value it would seem … Continue reading REVIEW: Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power