Donald Trump: The Id of Republican Politics II

In his Politics, Aristotle claimed that man was a political animal. By this he meant that the human was predisposed to life within a certain polis, a group, through which all the constituent members could flourish. Noting that other creatures had the same traits, Aristotle added a caveat. What distinguished the polis of man from … Continue reading Donald Trump: The Id of Republican Politics II


What is Europe?

What is Europe? In one sense the question is painfully obvious — a geographical location, a collection of borders and cultures and nations. Europe is a place, a distinct over-there that all too often for the United Kingdom at least exists in travel magazines, idyllic photographs and some idealized notion of culture designed to appeal … Continue reading What is Europe?

Donald Trump: The Id of Republican Politics

Like any paradox, the rise of Donald Trump to the rank of serious political phenomena requires a certain amount of critical thinking. How else can we begin to approach this frequently bankrupt billionaire—a bloviating, catch-phrase spouting reality TV star suddenly proclaiming that he is going to be the greatest job’s president in American history? Just … Continue reading Donald Trump: The Id of Republican Politics

REVIEW: Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power

Max Haiven: Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power Zed Books, London & New York 2014, 320pp, £14.95 pb To talk of values in modern political discourse seems to entail being confronted with the uncomfortable and seemingly unstoppable infiltration of capitalist economic language into the fields of morality and the ethical. Economic value it would seem … Continue reading REVIEW: Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power

Reframing The Monster: Politics/Ethics/Discourse

Monster (der) Latin: monstrum – to warn. To show. What does it mean to be a monster? In the era of postmodernity, where the notion of normativity has been systematically subjected to that Lyotardian scepticism that has permeated many of the old certainties, how do we approach the figure of the monstrous Other? Throughout culture … Continue reading Reframing The Monster: Politics/Ethics/Discourse

REVIEW: “Against Austerity” by Richard Seymour

Against Austerity, How We can Fix the Crisis They Made by Richard Seymour, (London, Pluto Press, 2014) Some political and social constructs seem to come ready-made with an air of permanence about them – dropping into public and political discourse with a veneer of doughty solidity. Of course, it is the impression of solidity that … Continue reading REVIEW: “Against Austerity” by Richard Seymour