There Is No-One In There

In the Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844 Marx outlined his theory of alienation. Under capitalism, the human subject enters not only a relationship of economic exploitation but also, in a sense, an existential problem. Within capitalism, not only is your time and energy no longer your own, the worker ends up no longer able … Continue reading There Is No-One In There

Eat the Pod

The Utopian idea of the internet has taken something of a battering in the last five years or so, but regardless, the idea retains an intuitive attractiveness. The internet can bring us together, can connect us, can facilitate the flow of information and help educate us, raise our consciousness and bring together people who would … Continue reading Eat the Pod

Digital Necro-Power. The Speed of the Online Hate Mob

“Fair warning, its best not to mock the board I run a lot. Things have happened in the past week” Benjamin Biddix – founder of /Baphomet/ Foucault’s concept of biopower is something that first appears in print in the first volume of The History of Sexuality, “The Will to Knowledge.” It relates to the practice … Continue reading Digital Necro-Power. The Speed of the Online Hate Mob