There Is Nothing In The Dark To Be Afraid Of

Horror Studies has in the past few decades become increasingly interested in philosophy. The objects of fear that horror produced were not merely a low brow mode of aesthetic expression but a means of understanding the darker sides of thought in a particular socio-cultural or historical moment. Texts like Dracula (1898) were not merely about […]

A Machine For Thinking The Unthinkable: H.P Lovecraft and Karl Barth’s Das Nichtige

To talk of a theological Lovecraft may initially strike the aficionado of weird fiction as an exercise in futility. In his personal writing, Lovecraft reveals a deeply held atheism and critical work has always acknowledged what S.T Joshi refers to as his cynical materialism. Lovecraft himself opined in 1919 that ‘there is a real restfulness […]

The Madwoman in the Attic, The Madman In Your Head

I’ve always had an interest in more modern incarnation of Gothic culture and texts. However, with a thesis that focuses on the 19th century this will be my final post for a while on modern Gothic TV. The following is based of the text of a paper I gave at the Gothic Manchester Festival Conference held […]