Donald Trump: The Id of Republican Politics

Like any paradox, the rise of Donald Trump to the rank of serious political phenomena requires a certain amount of critical thinking. How else can we begin to approach this frequently bankrupt billionaire—a bloviating, catch-phrase spouting reality TV star suddenly proclaiming that he is going to be the greatest job’s president in American history? Just […]

Digital Necro-Power. The Speed of the Online Hate Mob

“Fair warning, its best not to mock the board I run a lot. Things have happened in the past week” Benjamin Biddix – founder of /Baphomet/ Foucault’s concept of biopower is something that first appears in print in the first volume of The History of Sexuality, “The Will to Knowledge.” It relates to the practice […]

All A Performance

As someone fascinated with the idea of ontology, the internet as a phenomenal object is something relatively under explored. We all know that the web has fundamentally altered how we interact, how we consume and how we acquire information but perhaps what we have been slower to realise is that the internet changes who we […]