TheLitCritLibrary Part One: General Introduction

Introductions to Theory: The following is designed for people who are interested in literary theory and criticism but have never previously encountered the field. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview to the current field, a way to approach canonical or vital texts and allow the reader to follow their own interests deeper into more … Continue reading TheLitCritLibrary Part One: General Introduction

Smash The Paywalls

One of the most common questions I get asked is where can I go to read more? All too frequently knowledge is hidden behind paywalls or restricted to expensive journals which are inaccessible without some kind of university affiliation. Therefore, here's a list of places where you can access knowledge without shelling out the disgusting … Continue reading Smash The Paywalls

Reframing The Monster: Politics/Ethics/Discourse

Monster (der) Latin: monstrum – to warn. To show. What does it mean to be a monster? In the era of postmodernity, where the notion of normativity has been systematically subjected to that Lyotardian scepticism that has permeated many of the old certainties, how do we approach the figure of the monstrous Other? Throughout culture … Continue reading Reframing The Monster: Politics/Ethics/Discourse