Ideas should be for everybody, don’t you think? Traditionally, academia was a closed shop. One enrolled in a Ph.D. program with funding from an institution and then quietly got on with the work of academic research. Sadly, this is no longer the case (if it ever was true it has only become more so) and as a result, I’m one of the many academics who have no financial support from a higher education institution.

As a result, I turned to the internet and started giving away knowledge for free – I’ve been tweeting and writing about higher education, theory, philosophy, culture and more for a few years now as a means of making my research and the things I’m interested in as an academic accessible to people who might otherwise never get the chance to engage with these ideas. If you like what I do and enjoy what you read here and elsewhere please do consider helping out a struggling academic. You can support my writing through PayPal, or if you would like to give on a regular basis please use patreon to give from just $1 a month.