I am an academic and researcher who specializes in Gothic and Horror studies from the nineteenth century to the present. I am the co-editor of this collection with the University of Wales Press. I am also working on two book-length projects -one on nineteenth-century Gothic and theology (forthcoming from Bloomsbury Academic Press) and another on the intersection of Gothic and Horror media and Marxist politics. For an up to date academic CV, please click here

Building the Spooky Left.

I am the co-host of the popular Horror podcast Horror Vanguard, which covers Horror film specifically from a left-wing point of view. For the latest episodes, please click here. 

To support the show and get access to bonus episodes, please go to patreon.com/horrorvanguard.

I write for a number of online outlets, including The Guardian, The New York Times and The Baffler Magazine. For commissions, please get in touch via thelitcritguy@gmail.com

One thought on “About

  1. Jon who? Does the LitCritGuy have a last name? Jon is a brilliant writer and thinker. (The process of writing is the process of thinking; something I learned in my legal writing career.)
    Jon is spot on about American politics and the Trump movement in the piece about The Id of Republican Politics. It’s the best essay about Trump yet, and the scariest, although the essay does suggest ways to combat Trump’s incipient fascist movement. I’d like to hear more on this topic and what we need to do to defeat this movement.
    Thank you!
    –Linda Berler

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