Digital Necro-Power. The Speed of the Online Hate Mob

“Fair warning, its best not to mock the board I run a lot. Things have happened in the past week” Benjamin Biddix – founder of /Baphomet/ Foucault’s concept of biopower is something that first appears in print in the first volume of The History of Sexuality, “The Will to Knowledge.” It relates to the practice … Continue reading Digital Necro-Power. The Speed of the Online Hate Mob


Dasein in the Online Age

What is the nature of being? In a post-modern world with an ever increasing plurality of selves and subjects, where old certainties of what it means to be are increasingly fragile or outdated, ontology seems a somewhat old-fashioned intellectual tradition. The effects and consequences of Being are all around us, and thus the nature of … Continue reading Dasein in the Online Age

Reflection, Refraction and Response

“We have to stay brave, energetic, and stubborn—we can’t walk away from the fight. Sparring is how you build endurance, how you learn to be quick on your feet and develop a sense of humour” Nadya Tolokonnikova in a letter to Slavoj Zizek It is a truth of structuralism, widely accepted and intuitively attractive, that … Continue reading Reflection, Refraction and Response

“Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”

"A schzioanalytic thesis: desire’s social investments have, and will continue to possess primacy of place over familial ones."    From their two-volume magnum opus, the French theorists Giles Deleuze and Felix Guattari proposed a number of lines of analysis that explored the limits of desire, politics and the role of the subject. Perhaps one of the most … Continue reading “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”

Extending the Carceral System: Ferguson and Foucault

All too often the ideological operations of our day-to-day life function with a degree of concealment. In moments of crisis however ideology and certain discursive operations become easier to spot yet often paradoxically harder to analyse as the crisis itself discourages critical examination in favor of solutions or immediate action as critical thinking becomes a … Continue reading Extending the Carceral System: Ferguson and Foucault

Radical Decontextualization – Fragments On Photography

I haven’t written anything here for a little while. This was partly out of personal circumstances and partly borne out of conscious choice – I never wanted to write just for the sake of churning out content as theory should always only be done when there’s something to say( TRY to remember that  Slavoj, please…) … Continue reading Radical Decontextualization – Fragments On Photography