Towards A Psychoanalytic Reading Of UKIP

I swore I wouldn’t do this. I was absolutely convinced that this was all going to be nothing more than a small footnote in modern British political history. I was convinced that these racists, loons, economic illiterates and xenophobic throwbacks to the 1950s would soon be confined to irrelevance. And yet… Personally psychoanalysis has always … Continue reading Towards A Psychoanalytic Reading Of UKIP

The Commodity Fetishism of Surveillance

Have you ever noticed just how much of our day to day lives are set by routines? This isn’t necessarily a criticism mind you; routines represent stability, safety and even a degree of prosperity and economic security. There’s a possibility however that stability and routine are antithetical to proper critical thinking and analysis of what … Continue reading The Commodity Fetishism of Surveillance