The Culture Wars of Neo-Liberalism: On GamerGate and the Author

“It has been understood that the task of criticism is not to re-establish the ties between an author and his work or to reconstitute an author’s thought and experience through his works and, further, that criticism should concern itself with the structures of a work, its architectonic forms, which are studied for their intrinsic and […]

Män som hatar kvinnor – The Interpellation of The Online Subject

 (what follows is not an attempt to sympathize or excuse, and most certainly not intended to function as a minimization of the role all men play in structural societal misogyny but an attempt to explore the explicitly ideological misogyny that is flourishing in certain dank corners of the internet) On Friday a 22-year-old man killed six people and […]

Who Do You Think You Are – Galen Strawson and Life Online

One of the most often repeated complaints and criticisms around literary theory is that it lapses frequently into obscurantism and obfuscation. Whilst this is nothing but deeply unfair and inaccurate it has to be acknowledged that there is a great deal of theory that it often difficult to apply to the realities of modern life.  The […]

Thinking and Theory: REGISTRATION

Since starting this project of talking and learning about literary theory and criticism on Twitter last year there’s been something I’ve wanted to do – collaborate and engage with interested people on a deeper level. Whilst Twitter is a great medium it’s one that has a limit to the interaction that can happen – there […]

The Commodity Fetishism of Surveillance

Have you ever noticed just how much of our day to day lives are set by routines? This isn’t necessarily a criticism mind you; routines represent stability, safety and even a degree of prosperity and economic security. There’s a possibility however that stability and routine are antithetical to proper critical thinking and analysis of what […]