The Forest Clearing or, At the Water’s Edge

There is a small village in England called Tyneham. There is, the internet will tell you, nothing particularly remarkable about it. Accessible on a single, narrow country road, you drive round the crest of a hill and see it lying there in the fold of the valley. A church steeple catches the eye and beyond […]

TheLitCritLibrary Part Two: Semiotics and Structuralism

Semiotics: Semiotics and structuralism, whilst two separate and distinct fields have a close relationship. These books are designed to help the reader engage with “the science of signs” as both a specific moment in the development of critical discourse and an invaluable tool for close textual analysis. Roland Barthes, Mythologies (London, Vintage Classics, 2009) Kofi […]

A Machine For Thinking The Unthinkable: H.P Lovecraft and Karl Barth’s Das Nichtige

To talk of a theological Lovecraft may initially strike the aficionado of weird fiction as an exercise in futility. In his personal writing, Lovecraft reveals a deeply held atheism and critical work has always acknowledged what S.T Joshi refers to as his cynical materialism. Lovecraft himself opined in 1919 that ‘there is a real restfulness […]

REVIEW: Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power

Max Haiven: Crises of Imagination, Crises of Power Zed Books, London & New York 2014, 320pp, £14.95 pb To talk of values in modern political discourse seems to entail being confronted with the uncomfortable and seemingly unstoppable infiltration of capitalist economic language into the fields of morality and the ethical. Economic value it would seem […]

REVIEW: The Philosophy of War and Exile: From the Humanity of War to the Inhumanity of Peace

Nolen Gertz: The Philosophy of War and Exile: From the Humanity of War to the Inhumanity of Peace Palgrave-Macmillan, London, 2014. 218 pp $87.39 hb Conflict, many would argue, is intrinsic to the relational nature of humanity and as such is a vital topic for philosophical thinking. From the Indian epic of the Mahabharata and […]