TheLitCritLibrary Part One: General Introduction

1afc29bc922e2df5d3122525c88a4ce3Introductions to Theory: The following is designed for people who are interested in literary theory and criticism but have never previously encountered the field. It aims to provide a comprehensive overview to the current field, a way to approach canonical or vital texts and allow the reader to follow their own interests deeper into more specific areas of study. Subsequent lists will go into greater detail on all aspects of literary theory and criticism, but if you have never encountered the field before, what follows is designed to give you a way to some of the key ideas, themes, thinkers and intellectual movements.

Peter Barry: Beginning Theory: An introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory, 3rd edition (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2009)

Andrew Bennett & Nicholas Royle: An Introduction to Literature Criticism and Theory 4th Edition (London, Routledge, 2009)

Catherine Belsey: Poststructuralism: A Very Short Introduction, (Oxford, OUP, 2002)

  • Critical Practise 2nd Edition, (London Routledge, 2002)

Jonathan Culler: Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction, 2nd edition, (Oxford, OUP, 2011)

Terry Eagleton: Literary Theory: An Introduction, Anniversary Edition, (London, Wiley-Blackwell, 2008)

Anthony Elliott: Psychoanalytic Theory: An Introduction, 3rd edition (London, Palgrave, 2015)

Annia Loomba: Colonialism/Post-colonialism, 3rd edition (London, Routledge, 2015)

Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan: Narrative Fiction, Contemporary Poetics, 2nd edition (London, Routledge, 2002)

Ferdinand de Saussure: Course in General Linguistics, (London, Bloomsbury, 2013)

Susan Sontag: Against Interpretation and Other Essays, (London, Penguin Modern Classics, 2009)

Nikki Sullivan: A Critical Introduction to Queer Theory, (New York, NYU Press, 2003)

Raymond Williams: Marxism and Literature, (Oxford, OUP, 1978)

Feminist Literary Theory and Criticism: A Norton Reader ed. Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar (London, Norton, 2007)

The Routledge Companion to Critical and Cultural Theory, 2nd edition ed. Simon Malpas and Paul Wake, (London, Routledge, 2013)

The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism 2nd revised edition, ed. Vincent B. Leitch, William E. Cain, Laurie A. Finke, Barbara E. Johnson, John Mcgowan (London, Norton, 2010)

The Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory 5th edition ed. M.A.R. Habib (London, Penguin, 2015)


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