Thinking and Theory: REGISTRATION

ecourseSince starting this project of talking and learning about literary theory and criticism on Twitter last year there’s been something I’ve wanted to do – collaborate and engage with interested people on a deeper level. Whilst Twitter is a great medium it’s one that has a limit to the interaction that can happen – there is, alas, only so much you can pack into 140 character bursts.

To that end I’m opening registration for an eight week e-course for anyone and everyone interested in the kinds of things we talk over on Twitter . It’ll cover all the basics of literary theory allowing you a chance to hone your ideas, learn more about the field and get some time with academics across the UK.

So if your a student who wants to sharpen your skills, a reader who wants to know more or just interested in the written word this is a course for you.

Its a chance to hang out, talk, and learn alongside some the brightest young minds on the web

Here’s what you’ll get if you decide to join in:

– Hangouts once a week on a Sunday evening from 6 till 8 pm GMT via Google hangouts or fuzebox (a great and most importantly FREE video conferencing app) with me and special guests throughout the 8 week course. It’ll include one on one time with me so I can answer any questions you may have and provide help or feedback with your writing (fiction or non-fiction)

– All reading material provided free of charge

– Access to the secret facebook group, where we can talk, keep in touch and plan for….

– THE WEEKLY COLLABORATION: Each week, based on the reading and theory from the course I’ll host a piece of your writing here alongside a piece of my own writing in dialogue with it. It can cover any aspect of theory, technology and culture inspired by the week’s readings and it’ll be a chance to practice your own theoretical skills.

If that sounds like something you want to be involved in then now is your chance – join the conversation.


Week 1 Beginning April 6th – ‘Standing in a Dead Man’s Grave.’ Roland Barthes ‘Death of the Author,’ & Michel Foucault ‘What is an Author?’

Week 2 Week Beginning April 13th – ‘I For One Welcome our new Insect Overlords.’ Louis Althusser ‘Ideology and Ideological State Apparatus’  & Lisa Lowe ‘Work, Immigration and Gender’

Week 3 Beginning April 20th – ‘These aren’t Women’s clothes, they’re mine.’ Judith Butler ‘Gender Trouble’ & Laura Mulvey ‘Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema’ & Judith Halberstam ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’ 

Week 4 Beginning April 27th – ‘Welcome to the Desert of the Real’ Jean-Francois Lyotard ‘Defining the Post-Modern’ & Jean Baudrillard ‘The Procession of Simulacra’ 

Week 5 Beginning May 4th – ‘We’re Having Tiffin’ Gayatri Spivak ‘Can the Subaltern Speak’ & Chinua Achebe ‘An Image of Africa’

Week 6 Beginning May 11th – ‘You blew it all up!’ Ferdinand De Saussure’s ‘Course in General Linguistics’ & Jacques Derrida’s ‘Specter’s of Marx’

Week 7 Beginning May 18th – ‘Too many Tweets make a…’ Frederic Jameson ‘Postmodernism and Consumer Society’ & Stuart Hall ‘Cultural Studies and It’s Theoretical Legacies’ 

Week 8 Beginning May 25th  – ‘Demanding the Impossible’ – Martha Nussbaum ‘The Narrative Imagination’ & Homni K. Bhabha ‘The Commitment to Theory.’ 

(The reading list is by now means exhaustive but is meant to be a jumping off point for discussion and theoretical work)


The course costs just £89.99 for all 8 weeks and has been designed to be as affordable as I can make it. If you want to register for the course simply fill out the form below and use the Paypal button to pay safely and securely online. There are only EIGHT places available and once they are taken that’s it. Register ASAP as this will be closed as soon as the 8 spaces are filled.


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2 thoughts on “Thinking and Theory: REGISTRATION

  1. Hello! This sounds really interesting, I’d love to take part but Sunday evenings at that time are quite difficult. Let me know if you’re running it again sometime! 🙂

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